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Breastfeeding support, eating local is worth it.

Having a child had always been my dream, and at 39 years has come the long awaited day, was born Enrico, a beautiful and healthy baby and with him a mature but inexperienced mother. I thought that breastfeeding would be simple, because the days we spent in the hospital, the nurses helped me with each feed, so I left there very safe and happy, but to my sadness and certainly my son´s, something was going wrong, because my right breast began to fissure and I could not handle the pain, the left was intact but I knew it was a matter of time, it was at this moment of outburst with loved ones that I had the best help.

People say that babies bring luck and may little boy brought in his, in the first week of his life. My luck was and still is the Nutritionist Juliana Avella, who at that moment accompanied my suffering on breastfeeding my son having my breast taking turns, even one of them fissured. She took my feelings seriously, helped me to come down, supporting my heart and my fears.

I would never give up that act knowing that breast milk is the most complete, nutritious and highly immunological food for my baby.

Juliana referred me to a breastfeeding consultant to assist me in this critical process between physical and psychological pain. She taught me the correct attach on the nipple, which was the cause of the fissure, also taught me that there are other positions besides the traditional one that we can hold the baby at the time of suckling. She treated my nipple, my cleft healed completely and my baby could nurse freely on both breasts. The physical pain passed quickly and the psychology that surrounded my thoughts, for at first I thought that a breast alone would not take care of the message, was destroyed by the wisdom of the great professionals who were next to me at this stage.

I felt pain, I cried, I had difficulties, but I never gave up. Every drop of milk paid off! I would be eternally grateful for Juliana and my breastfeeding consultant.


Starting Right, for a healthy life

Juliana is one of those professionals who carry with her a lot of technical and practical knowledge. 

In the first consultation I had no doubts that I was on the right track. Her affection, attention and dedication helped me to stick to healthy, holistic eating, since the first solid food I introduced to my babies. 

She taught me  which ones should go first not overwhelming their little body still in development, she shown me the best way to prepare the meals, maintaining the best nutrients density on each ingredient. She taught me how to combine ingredients for better nutrient absorption and of course, better taste...

The process was perfect, and made and still makes all the difference in the health of my daughters since their birth until now!

When they are hungry they ask for fruits and vegetables. Everything that is green and colourful is well accepted on my table. 

The holistic approach helped my 2 girls to grow with a strong immune system, appropriate digestion, no allergies and so far, no antibiotic perspiration.  

I am very happy and eternally grateful to to her of taking care of my family with all this gift and love she has for what she does !!


Food Intolerance

I found Juliana Avella online by her Instagram page and at that moment I could't imagine she could change my son's life and my life in only a few steps.

Noah was always a full of energy boy, independent and confident, but since he was 1 year old he started refusing to try new food, and was really a picky eater. At the day care, with 18 months he started bitting friends and having a bad behaviour. Furthermore, since little he had recurrent ear infections with at least 4 courses of antibiotics every 6 months. (he is 2 years old today.)

I was tired and hopeless until  I found how Juliana and her Holistic approach could change our lives.

Through an online consultation, Juliana went through every detail of our lives and Noah's life since he was born and she suspected that a casein (milk's protein) intolerance could be root cause of every issue, and an elimination diet would be the first step. 

I took out diary products from my son's and impressively he started accepting new food, eating veggies, sleeping better and no bitting any more. My friends, and his teachers could see the difference in his attitude and were amazed as myself,

No more ear infections so far and what for me was a miracle, for Juliana is her mission, following the clues to help families healing their children with food and good habits. 

I don't have enough words to thank Juliana Avella for her support. Holistic Nutrition - a Life changing. Give it a chance!


Changing Habits

Juliana helped me resolve the issues I have with my picky eater (36mos). Her strategies are very simple yet made a big difference with his eating habits and choices of foods. He eats more veggies than ever, the whole family do.
I am so glad I invested in my family's health and well-being by consulting the right Nutritionist!!!

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Our Story

MADE SIMPLE NUTRITION was created by Juliana Avella, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coaching with sound knowledge of nutritional programs and regulations. Specialized training in pediatric and prenatal nutrition assessments and treatment. 

Passionate and knowledgeable about women's and children's health issues, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant nutrition.

She offers personalised consulting for parents, planing parents, pregnant, babies, children and teenagers who want (or need) to find a right balance of nourishing mind, body and spirit. 

7 delicious and nutritious flavours to fulfil your whole week with a rich variety of nutrients.

Our Products

At the moment of parents life, when each minute of rest matters, when your life comes down to diapers and you don't know from where to start when thinking about feeding your baby...


A variety of recipes homemade style are ready waiting for you and your family, made from scratch, with organic and local ingredients, with rich sources of nutrients for each phase of early childhood.

Beyond that, all meals are sold frozen in a microwave safe biodegradable container, to feed you child at home, on-the-go or traveling.



Our Mission

Our mission is to support your family's growth through a balanced and natural diet, healthy habits and whole food to simplify and enrich the bright side of motherhood. 

Our Holistic Nutrition support comes from consulting until the food your child eats, ensuring that your child has all nutrients he needs in each period of his life. 

Beyond of taking care of your family, the environment is also our priority, for this reason most of ingredients in our kitchen are organic sources, supporting local produce and farmers, in addition of being gluten and dairy free.



Products Review

Kim. H - Winnipeg MB

Best baby/toddler food on the market!

I was so lucky to have my 13 mth old boy be able to sample this amazing food in the early stages and we are both hooked!!! He absolutely loves it and I feel proud to feed him such amazingly nutritious food! So thankful to be able to feed my growing boy this phenomenal food!!!

Amaberna M. - Winnipeg MB

My almost 5 month old baby boy just can’t get enough of this baby food! This is his very first solid food and I’m proud to feed him with such nutritious and natural organic food. Will be buying more!!! So convenient and made my life so much easier 

Athena M.- Winnipeg MB

Best Decision!

As a mom of two, my everyday task is very challenging. Preparation of food is the one that takes a lot of my time and energy. I am not a big fan of rice cereals and packaged baby foods with preservatives and so
I am glad I found Made Simple Nutrition,
The ready-made meal combo for my baby made my life so easy. I am confident that my baby is eating only the cleanest, nutritious and chemical-free food. My baby loves them, yummy to eat and easy to digest!

To all busy, health freak mommas out there, this product is a GO!

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Winnipeg Workshop, Nest Family Centre, June 12th, 2019

Starting right for a Healthy Life - Your common Questions About Healthy Eating Answered

6pm - 7pm

Event Details

Winnipeg Workshop, Nest Family Centre, June 12th, 2019

Starting right for a Healthy Life - Your common Questions About Healthy Eating Answered

Organics or Non-Organics? Fresh, Frozen of Canned Food? How can I encourage my child to eat healthy?
These and more questions are part of the parents daily concerns and to help you understand the path of a healthy eating, the Registered Holistic Nutritionist Juliana Avella will be answer these and more questions explaining the do's and don'ts during early childhood to support your healthy and natural parenting.
Juliana Avella is Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, PostPartum Doula and mother of 2 boys with sound knowledge of nutritional programs and regulations. Specialised in pediatric and prenatal nutrition assessments and treatment. She owns the MADE SIMPLE NUTRITION here in Winnipeg, from where she offers nutrition consulting and healthy organic frozen meals for infants, toddlers and young children.

You can register online or in-store at Nest Family Centre

6pm - 7pm

Winnipeg VegFest, September 21st, 2019

Winnipeg Veg Fest Annual Event

9am - 5pm

University of Winnipeg

Event Details

Winnipeg VegFest, September 21st, 2019

Winnipeg Veg Fest Annual Event

You are invited to try our plant based baby meals recipes at the Winnipeg VegFest the annually event that will be held on Saturday, September 21st at the Axworthy Health & RecPlex at the University of Winnipeg!

Winnipeg VegFest will be an all-vegan event, featuring food, music, speakers, workshops, cruelty-free vendors, art, yoga, meditation, children’s activities, and much, much more! And admission is FREE!

9am - 5pm

University of Winnipeg

Fit 4 Two Winnipeg Belly & Baby Fair, October 20th, 2019

Winnipeg Belly & Baby Fair

10am - 3pm

Earl Grey Community Centre (360 Cockburn Street N)

Event Details

Fit 4 Two Winnipeg Belly & Baby Fair, October 20th, 2019

Winnipeg Belly & Baby Fair

Come join us and lots of others special vendors at The Fit 4 Two® Winnipeg Belly & Baby Fair is a fun, free, interactive day for expectant and new families with information tables, local crafts, products and services. 

Features: two rooms, Halloween photobooth, healthy food/lunch vendors, door prizes, Grand Prizes, Teeny Tiny Craft Sale, Diaper Corner, Quiet Corner, Treasure Hunt game and more.

10am - 3pm

Earl Grey Community Centre (360 Cockburn Street N)