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Holistic Nutrition Consult

Everybody know nowadays how nutrition is important to keep our bodies health but it's not all clear how to make it happened and possible in ours , sometimes, crazy routine. 

When talking about kids nutrition it's even more challenging getting the kids eating healthy against all processed food available in the market. 

What not everyone knows is that starting right can lead a healthy life in the future and the Holistic Nutrition Approach visit all children aspects on creating a Nutrition Plan to make it possible and successful.

From August 2019, Juliana Avella can meet you in person at Via Natural Medicine Office that offers a multidisciplinary approach for your health.

With an in person meeting we will be able to investigate the root cause of your concerns, come up with a possible Nutrition Plan to support, treat and heal common children health issues like:

Picky eater
Chronic Infections
Mood disorders
And more...

Beyond that, we offer support and Nutrition Plans for Pregnant, PostPartum and Breastfeeding support and much more. 

Call the Clinic today, book your initial visit  and discovery that  healing by food can be that Simple! Made it Simple!! or call 204.615.5225


Holistic Nutrition Online Consulting

Made SIMPLE NUTRITION - a natural way of nurturing mom AND CHILD

Support Services / Laboratory Tests - Analysed by CanAlt Health Laboratories

Breast Milk - DHA Level Testing


The Breast Milk DHA Test Center works in conjunction with lactation consultants to test  breast milk for DHA levels. 

This enables breastfeeding mothers to determine whether they are providing the recommended amount of DHA to their infants, which is approximately 0.32 - 0.35 % of milk fat for term infants.

Food Intolerance Testing - IgG Antibody Detection


IgG antibody detection is the most sensitive allergy food testing available.

Blood sample detection of food-specific IgG antibodies is recognized as a reliable method to identify foods that may be causing symptoms and to guide the design of elimination diets based on the IgG antibody results.

Hair Mineral Analysis - Minerals and Heavy Metals


Hair samples are collected and screened to measure the levels of up to 60 essential minerals and toxic metals. 

This information, along with dietary and nutritional evaluations, provides the basis for a nutritional balancing program to establish and maintain optimal levels of wellness.